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Tattoo Designs for Men Ideas to Pick

In the past or from the start, tattoo is usually identical with negative meaning. Thus, if someone draws a tattoo on his or her body, people will directly think something bad about his or her. Well, it is just meaning of a sentence which says “Don’t judge a book from its cover”. In fact, people always do the opposite. Nowadays, most people are more democratic and free in expressing their ideas and opinions about something including the tattoo. Most people currently think tattoo is an art. Thus, it doesn’t matter if someone covers his or her body with it. Numerous tattoo designs for men and women are available to match everyone’s personality and character. According to the culture, applying tattoo is a mystic method to gather some fortune. No wonder that some tattoo designs have a specific meaning behind their shapes.

Tattoo Designs for Men 2013

Let’s see some tattoo designs with meaning behind it. Dreamcatcher is a tattoo name which displays a set of hanging feather as the basic tattoo shape. This tattoo has a meaning or something that usually interprets as a wish for people who choose it. People believe that this Dreamcatcher can catch some nightmares and then replace them with good dreams. Both woman and man are attracted with this kind of tattoo. Besides meaningful tattoo, classic tattoo designs for men still become a favorite option to choose. Some men want to show off their strength and manly look by applying a big dragon tattoo. On the other side, they choose more frightening tattoo design such as Puma, Cheetah, Tiger, Snake or something with wide flared wings named Guardian Angel.

Tattoo Designs for Men Drawings

Tattoo Designs for Men on Chest

The location of where the tattoo attached is differently from a man to another. Brave men usually apply the tattoo on his back or upper arms. Simple men prefer to apply smaller tattoo on their neck, lower back, upper back or wrist. The art level of the tattoo designs for men is also different depending on the personality of someone. Most men prefer to go originally by applying monotone tattoo, while the others prefer to apply colorful tattoo to attract more attention from people who see it.

Tattoo Designs for Men on Ribs

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