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Summer Dresses for Juniors with Cheerful Motifs

Are you a mother of two daughters? One of your daughters is still a kid, while another is a beautiful teenager. Why don’t you ask them to be more stylish in summer? As their mother, you should be a trendsetter, fashion adviser and even designer for them. Summer dresses for juniors seem very rich in options. It is a right time for you to tell your daughters a method of how to choose appropriate summer dress model for them. Well, of course your teenager will need more attention for this project.

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Pattern or motif is a crucial point in summer dresses for juniors. Well, it is also imperative for adult and elder summer dresses. But we will only focus on your girls summer dresses style. Tribal is the first motif idea for summer dress. As like certain tribe costume styles, in this case, we only take the exotic pattern of tribal. Generally, this exotic motif is identical with horizontal zigzag lines. Meanwhile, it typically also appears with some rhomboid motifs which are arranged in several vertical lines. Of course those patterns will cover the entire part of the dress since it is the motif. And as typical characteristic, the tribal motif usually comes in dark and vibrant colors composition. For example, the horizontal zigzag motifs come in more than three colors combination namely blue, brown, black and pink. The rhomboid motifs appear in white, ivory, sage green and turquoise combinations to dominate the dress. The design of dress may be different and as elegant as usual gown. Hilo may be the most favorite summer dress style which is mostly picked by women.

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Flower or floral motif is the second pattern alternative of summer dresses for juniors idea. The floral motif is more general than the tribal motif. It is available in various shapes, sizes, colors and variations in many aspects than the tribal motif. Most juniors love to wear a dress with floral pattern. It is because it looks feminine and cheerful in summer. Most teenagers like to wear mini sleeveless floral patterned dress than the longer one. However, summer is popular due to its extreme sun heat.

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