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Short Side Fringe for Your Elegant Shaggy Haircut

Have you ever seen a woman with her shaggy haircut style? Shaggy haircut is generally popular as the most classic haircut for women. The shaggy haircut itself comes in several versions depending on the hair length. Yeah, this haircut is suitable for very short, short, medium and even long hair length. The characteristic of this haircut is simple yet chic for any woman’s personality. Today, we are going to describe about short side fringe that is usually applied on the shaggy haircut. We will see the sample of this haircut concept in several pictures shown below. Let’s check them out.

Short Side Fringe Hair

Generally, shaggy haircut is typically created with tapered detail on the side fringe. This short fringe looks like tapered curtain framing your face. When the shaggy haircut grows longer, the tapered detail will be shown clearly on your back and shoulder. Thus, most women love this haircut so much especially if the hair is long. Basically, the short side fringe on the shaggy haircut is perfect to apply on any shaggy hair length including short, medium and long. Let’s see the pictures of some celebrities here. One of the pictures shows us a sexy woman with her messy caramel hairstyle. This brown shaggy haircut looks very chic with short side tapered fringe on the bottom area. With side swept bang, this long shaggy cut is certainly timeless for your daily appearance. If you prefer to appear practically in shorter haircut, the short side tapered fringe looks elegant and cute on your short shaggy haircut.

Short Side Fringe Hairstyles

Short Side Fringe Long Hair

The short side fringe details give such a gorgeous frame on your face. And you don’t have to worry about your round face. This short shaggy side fringe is effective for your round face. In addition, you will still get the effect of that side fringe even though the short shaggy hair grows longer later. Hey, can you see that? This side fringe can be modified in such a way to make your hairstyle adorable such as spiral curly. You may use hair roll to create this curly side fringe. Don’t forget to apply hairspray to freeze it once the curly effect has been created.

Short Side Fringe Weaves

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