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Short Hairstyles for Women in Sporty Style

Everyone always has different personality and character from one to another. And this fact includes a woman and others women in the world. Although basically women are usually associated with feminism, many women precisely feel more comfortable in their sporty style. Following the latest fashion style, not few women who are not afraid to wear manly fashion style. This fashion style typically offers cargo short, tank top, t-shirt, trousers, blazer, leather jacket and boots as trendy clothes collection. Besides wearing this trendy clothes collection, short hairstyles for women in sporty style is preferable than longer haircut style.

Short Hairstyles for Women 2013

Numerous short hairstyles for women are available to pick. Bob is the first short hairstyle that is popular among women. It is a kind of short haircut with tapered layers applied at the front. The back hair shape usually appears in higher cut with lower cut at the front. Although this bob style has been modified in many ways, it has a real weakness that cause not all women can apply this hairstyle as desire. Bob short hairstyle seems friendlier with straight and thick hair type. If you have curly or wavy hair, it is better to apply other short haircut for the best result. Short pixie haircut is the next popular short hairstyle for sporty women. Unlike bob haircut which still has girlish concept on its design, the pixie haircut only has manly and boyish accent on its design. At the first sight you see this haircut; you will realize that the short haircut is very manly and sporty. Of course most boyish women will so happy with that. Besides it is practical for any occasion, this short haircut doesn’t require too much brushing like usual longer haircut. Those sporty women in pixie hair even don’t need to carry their comb in handbag anytime they go outside.

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Short Hairstyles for Women with Round Face

Shaggy short hairstyles for women are the third outstanding sporty hairstyle for female. This hairstyle is very timeless to wear in any generation and occasion. This shaggy hairstyle concept is basically quite similar with pixie haircut. Yet, the shaggy short cut has more options to choose regarding to the hair length concept. For those sporty females, very short shaggy haircut is perfect. Unfortunately, mostly, they will be starting to love the shape of the shaggy haircut right after the hair was a bit longer.

Short Hairstyles for Women with Thick Hair

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