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Panina Wedding Dresses Collections with Delightful Beads

Panina wedding dresses collection should be able to be a gorgeous idea to cover your desire in throwing an adorable wedding day. This designer wedding gown comes with trendy concept by using beads as embellishment. Well, the collection of wedding dress designed by Panina is always attractive in general. In addition, the wedding gown perfectly looks exclusive with the application of the beads. Let’s see several collections of Panina wedding gown below for better description.

Panina Wedding Dresses Ball Gown

The first model of Panina wedding dresses involves a glorious flared ball gown with elegant fur and tulle detail along the skirt. This sweetheart strapless gown looks bright in white and silver. The white tone dominates the appearance of this gown on every side of it. Little silver accent is found on certain parts such as neckline and waist only. To emphasize the curve line of the sweetheart neckline, some silver beads are attached. And some others are embellished randomly surrounding the waist. To contrast the fit waist line, a wide flared ball gown cut of the gown skirt involves soft white fur and transparent tulle. Both matters are useful to add more flared volume on the dress skirt. Another picture shows us the application of silver lace to replace the beads. This lace accent is applied on the edge of skirt end, waist and neckline area. This time, ball gown dress cut is still chosen to make your appearance glorious during the ceremony.

Panina Wedding Dresses Lace

Panina Wedding Dresses Corset

For better alternative, there are simpler Panina wedding dresses which are designed in tighter A-line dress cut. This strapless gown offers sheer skirt material to bring fairytale concept onto the wedding gown. Silver accent is also involved to give such a futuristic nuance onto the dress as usual. And beads become the best media to spread that futuristic concept in silver tone. Well, artistic detail of beads looks very interesting decorating appropriate places of the gown such as waist, back and along the skirt. Sometimes, for trendier look, Panina applies other dress cut styles to cover the wedding gown collection. And fishtail or mermaid takes an essential part to attract many young brides.

Panina Wedding Dresses Prices

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