Cute Natural Nail Designs in Ideal Length

Cute Natural Nail Designs 2013

Nail art is definitely not natural for our finger nails. It is because the installation of nail art requires some matters and items to create. Even the simplest appearance of nail art, we still use nail polish to make the nail beautiful. That’s why we add some words to complete the title of today’s article becoming cute natural nail designs ... Read More »

Black Leather Dress Outfits the Futuristic Dress Ideas

Black Leather Dress Outfits for Sale

If you have ever watched a movie with space as the background, you will see that most costumes worn by the actors and actresses are made of spandex and leather. Well, from that fact we know that leather outfit is a kind of futuristic dress. Lately, this statement can be true among the society. However, leather either fake or real ... Read More »

Cocktail Dresses plus Size Version for Sexy Maxi Ladies

Cocktail Dresses Plus Size Cheap

Cocktail hour is usually thrown in the middle part of certain party such as wedding or evening party. This cocktail hour actually has a role to closer the hot of party to the guests. It is because we usually meet and chat with others during this cocktail hour. Of course the costume we wear is similar with the main party ... Read More »

Curly Haircuts for Black Men in Practical Style

Curly Haircuts for Black Men Images

Men are definitely popular due to their masculinity, strength and intelligence. Well, masculinity becomes the strongest characteristic of men. This manly character is usually shown by the appearance of the men itself. It is because most men prefer to appear simple, practical yet chic in front of women. Their manly appearance also includes the selection of haircut style. Yeah, the ... Read More »

Hip Edgy Hair Colors Concepts

Hip Edgy Hair Colors 2013

Hip edgy hair colors are perfect choice to improve your appearance. Unlike usual hairstyle with highlight and lowlight, the hip edgy hairstyle is very cheerful and bright. The word “hip” on the hip edgy hair means light. The “edgy” itself means assorted hair dye. In the other words, the edgy hair typically has more than two colors composition. That’s why ... Read More »

Tattoo for Women on Wrist Designs

Tattoo for Women on Wrist Concept

Tattoo is one of modern fashion style which is popular among the society. In the past, tattoo is commonly associated with bad life or criminality. But nowadays, the application of tattoo is for art only. Even every tattoo has different meaning and function for the wearer’s life. Generally, tattoo is made of special matter. There are temporary and permanent tattoo. ... Read More »

Teal Nails with Design of Art

Teal Nails with Design Glitter

All parts of your body are great media to represent a specific fashion style. And in this case, nails are the smallest parts of our body which can be used to represent a fashion style. Lately, finger nails are usually decorated nicely with nail polish and art. And today, we are going to introduce teal nails with design of art ... Read More »

Elegant White Long Dresses for Party

Elegant White Long Dresses Backless

Elegant white long dresses probably can be the only answer of your depressed question about night party costume. White is the most pure light color option for your amazing appearance. And now, it comes with an incredible dress for any formal and semi formal occasion. Various models of elegant white dress are fabulous to discover. So, why don’t we immediately ... Read More »

Mossy Oak Tattoo Designs for Men

Mossy Oak Tattoo Designs 2013

When we heard about mossy oak, usually we will immediately think about camo pattern. It is a normal respond actually especially we are visiting a fashion blog. Yes, mossy oak is certainly popular as a theme of camouflage pattern. Ideally, we find this pattern on outfits like jacket, short, dress and dress shirt. Now, we will find the camouflage pattern ... Read More »

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights for Daily Appearance

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

What do you look like daily? Do you love to ensure your appearance quality over an over everyday? Yeah, perhaps wearing such fashionable clothing can be helpful. Unfortunately, makeup and dress are not enough without hairstyle. It is good to appear as natural as possible. However, we can just add little accent on your natural hairstyle for more cheerful daily ... Read More »