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Men Asian Short Hairstyles in Semi Mohawk Trend

In 2013, short hairstyle comes back to dominate modern hairstyle trend collections. These short hairstyles appear to cover men and women hairstyle model on the earth. Today, men Asian short hairstyles seem to be an attractive topic to speak of. And lately, semi Mohawk hairstyle is popular among young Asian young and adult men. Korean men hairstyle becomes the first topic of hairstyle that we are going to discuss here. Since the appearance of many boy bands in Korea, many men in Asia is interested in applying the Korean boy band member’s hairstyle. Many boy bands which can be used as a guidance to apply the best men Korean short hairstyles including Super Junior, DBSK, and 2 PM, 2 AM, Shinee, Big Bang and EXO-K.

Men Asian Short Hairstyles 2013

The semi Mohawk model in hairstyle trend is very unique with shaved hair on both sides of head. It looks just like the real Mohawk hairstyle but it comes in simpler and shorter cut. The longer hair on the middle part of the head looks elegant and energetic for men. Additionally, this standing hair is set in macho style on the top part of head near your forehead. Thinner haircut is applied on the back middle part of this semi Mohawk hairstyle. And the whole hairstyle looks very adorable as popular men Asian short hairstyles a la Korean boy band. Besides semi Mohawk hairstyle, there are still several Korean boy band hairstyle ideas which are available to imitate. The second Korean hairstyle involves unique messy haircut to give your appearance stronger and wilder. Usually, your straight hair will be cut shortly in different length from the front to the back. Sometimes, you even have very short haircut but it is combined with very long bang covering the half part of your face. Look G-Dragon’s hairstyle in Big Bang’s Bad Boy album.

Men Asian Short Hairstyles Images

Men Asian Short Hairstyles Ideas

Japanese hairstyle is another option of men Asian short hairstyles to consider. Unlike the Korean hairstyle, the Japanese hairstyle offers simpler and normal hairstyle for young entrepreneur. The short haircut is just simple with neat cut on the back and front side. Thin short bangs are arranged in side swept set to frame your oval face perfectly. Applying gel is good to give wet effect on your smart hairstyle for Asian men a la Japan.

Men Asian Short Hairstyles Style

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