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Hippie Chic Wedding Dresses for Free Spirit Bride

Well, feeling free and peace no matter where we are seems to be a pleasant moment we can imagine. So, why don’t we also feel both nature feeling during the wedding party? Yeah, do you still remember about bohemian fashion style? Boho or bohemian fashion style purposely represents peace and love atmosphere in its every fashion model and concept. And now, we usually call this fashion style as hippie style. Hippie chic wedding dresses must be adorable to wear by free spirited bride-to-be like you.

Hippie Chic Wedding Dresses Concept

It is just similar with the bohemian wedding dress. The hippie chic wedding dresses are intentionally designed with much nature accent displayed on it. It doesn’t mean that the dress always utilizing much natural material such as leaves or flowers. The concept of hippie chic fashion style basically only gives the wearer such a relaxing and free feeling in doing something. On the other hands, as the wearer, we will think that we just become ourselves while wearing this boho dress for wedding. The design of the hippie chic dress for wedding is quite different from the modern dresses. This time, the free spirited wedding dress comes with much vintage and romantic touch such as the application of lace, embroidery, soft net or tulle, silk and some exotic jewelry made of wood and metal. Most, hippie wedding dresses come in long and midi length cut. Those dresses are usually designed in loose skirt style with heavy detail on the surface. To bring much vintage and old fashioned accent onto the dress, cream and ivory with blush brown tone are applied to dominate the gown.

Hippie Chic Wedding Dresses Ideas

Hippie Chic Wedding Dresses Models

It might be true that there will be much ruffle and pleated gaps fund on the gown. In general, the hippie chic wedding dresses are made with open cut. This open cut concept is applied on certain parts of the gown such as back, sleeves, neckline, skirt and shoulder. Bow is just a small scale of accessory found on the dress. In bohemian fashion style, you will find more loose jewelries in tribal concept such as big wooden pearl necklace, wooden brown bracelet or even leather or feather earrings.

Hippie Chic Wedding Dresses Styles

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