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Peacock Feathers Tattoos and Its Wonderful Meanings

Tattoo is kind of a pattern or picture which is typically attached on skin. Nowadays, tattoo is just like an accessory in fashion world. Every human being even has a right to wear tattoos on his or her body. Generally, people can go to tattoo maker or artist who can give much recommendation for the tattoo and attach it directly ... Read More »

Strength Tattoos with Cross Options

Strength tattoos with Cross 2013

Are you interested in applying a tattoo on skin? Well, we sure some of you will think it twice before doing it. Conservative people commonly think that applying a tattoo may give then a bad judge from the others. On the other way around, some people just think that tattoo is one of fashion and art for them. Thus, it ... Read More »

Tattoo for Women on Wrist Designs

Tattoo for Women on Wrist Concept

Tattoo is one of modern fashion style which is popular among the society. In the past, tattoo is commonly associated with bad life or criminality. But nowadays, the application of tattoo is for art only. Even every tattoo has different meaning and function for the wearer’s life. Generally, tattoo is made of special matter. There are temporary and permanent tattoo. ... Read More »

Mossy Oak Tattoo Designs for Men

Mossy Oak Tattoo Designs 2013

When we heard about mossy oak, usually we will immediately think about camo pattern. It is a normal respond actually especially we are visiting a fashion blog. Yes, mossy oak is certainly popular as a theme of camouflage pattern. Ideally, we find this pattern on outfits like jacket, short, dress and dress shirt. Now, we will find the camouflage pattern ... Read More »

Wrist Tattoos for Women and Their Life

Wrist Tattoos for Women Bracelet

So, why do we write this article with a god title above? It is because the application of wrist tattoos for women certainly has a close relation with their life. The basic function of the wrist tattoo itself comes in wide range. Many women apply tattoo around their wrist to represent how deep their love to their couple. Well, generally, ... Read More »

Tattoos on Girl’s Back Designs

Tattoos on Girls Back Ideas

Tattoo is a kind of art which is typically applied on human being’s skin. In the past, tattoo is always associated with bad lifestyle or personality of someone. Conventional society usually determines that all people with tattoo are members of criminal gang. Today, the popularity of tattoo completely changes that old statement from society. Lately, tattoo becomes one of expressive ... Read More »

Tattoo Designs for Men Ideas to Pick

Tattoo Designs for Men 2013

In the past or from the start, tattoo is usually identical with negative meaning. Thus, if someone draws a tattoo on his or her body, people will directly think something bad about his or her. Well, it is just meaning of a sentence which says “Don’t judge a book from its cover”. In fact, people always do the opposite. Nowadays, ... Read More »