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Wedding Cocktail Dresses for Guests and Brides

Wedding Cocktail Dresses 2013

Cocktail hour is typically inserted in every bridal reception moment. In this cocktail moment, both bride and groom will join the guests and family while chatting and enjoying an entertainment. Actually, there is no a special rule that suggest us to wear a specific dress in the cocktail hour. For wedding cocktail dresses, a simple wedding guest dress is enough ... Read More »

Hippie Chic Wedding Dresses for Free Spirit Bride

Hippie Chic Wedding Dresses Concept

Well, feeling free and peace no matter where we are seems to be a pleasant moment we can imagine. So, why don’t we also feel both nature feeling during the wedding party? Yeah, do you still remember about bohemian fashion style? Boho or bohemian fashion style purposely represents peace and love atmosphere in its every fashion model and concept. And ... Read More »

Victorian Costumes for Women in Halloween Party

Victorian Costumes for Women for Sale

In Halloween party, commonly people will wear something frightening and strange such as alien, ghost, dwarf, cartoon character and many more. Yet, in some opportunities, some hosts of the Halloween party has determined a certain theme and dress code to obey such as Edwardian era fashion, vampire house and even mummy zone. Well, renaissance era fashion seems perfect to let ... Read More »

Vera Wang Pink Wedding Dresses in Romantic Concept

Vera Wang Pink Wedding Dresses 2013

Vera Wang pink wedding dresses currently come in romantic concept. Who don’t know Vera Wang? She is a popular wedding gown designer. Until now, she has designed so many dresses collection for wedding in many styles and concepts. Of course as a famous and exclusive wedding dress designer, Vera Wang will ask you to spend much money for her dress. ... Read More »

Long Tight Prom Dresses in Dark and Vibrant Tones

Long tight prom dresses seem to be a great choice for every woman to stay stunning during the prom night party. However, we perfectly know that most women attending into the prom night party in fairytale dress style. They prefer to appear amazingly in long and short gown style. On the other side, vibrant color tone is always beneficial to ... Read More »

Backless Short Wedding Dresses Features

Backless Short Wedding Dresses 2013

Wearing backless short wedding dresses during the bridal ceremony is an effective way to appear sexily. Well, it is true that appearing sexily during this memorable sacral ceremony involves numerous methods to choose. Nevertheless, selecting an appropriate dress to wear probably becomes the easiest method. We only have to spend money while buying the dress. And then we can get ... Read More »

Camo Grad Dress in Extraordinary Short Cut Concept

Camo Grad Dress 2013

Numerous graduation dresses are displayed in display window at some fashion boutiques. Generally, the dress comes in short and long cut. The long one typically involves ball gown cut. This kind of long grad gown is also popular as princess dress style. For senior grad dress, the longer dress typically appears in straight or fit dress cut. This dress style ... Read More »

Zebra Prom Dress with Print and Color Combination

Zebra Prom Dress Designs

Who doesn’t know animal print trend in fashion? Every fashionable person must know that fashion also involves this exotic pattern style. Some popular animal print styles include leopard, tiger, jaguar, zebra, peacock, snake, Dalmatian and more exotic prints from animal. Of course lately we should obey the policy about killing extinct animal for fashion and others. No wonder that modern ... Read More »

Cocktail Dress with Sleeves in Dark Black Concept

Cocktail Dress with Sleeves 2013

Cocktail party is generally identical with short dress. Many women who attend at this party certainly always wear the short dress no matter what the design and style is. That’s why we are going to discuss this social party costume in detail today. The design concept of cocktail dress is actually similar with usual formal or semi formal party. It ... Read More »

Short Gucci Prom Dresses for Classy Young Women

Short Gucci Prom Dresses 2013

Hey, classy women, there will so many options of prom dress for you by Gucci if you really want to appear as fashionable as possible in this designer dress. Well, appearing hotly in short Gucci prom dresses can be a nice choice to attract much attention from people surrounding you including a man whom you love. He will eventually fall ... Read More »