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Beautiful Sparkly Prom Dresses with Glitter and Sequins

A significant concept that must be known regarding to prom dress design is sparkling style. Prom night is popular as semi formal graduation night party which is commonly held for the entire students of a school. In this party, there will be some attractive events that should be followed by the guests including dancing. At the end of the party, there will be a king and queen of dancing that are usually selected from so many guests coming in the party. And it may be you. To be a dancing queen, every girl should wear beautiful sparkly prom dresses to attract much attention of people including the juries. That’s why it is better to find the best beautiful gown for prom with the most stunning embellishment concept on it.

Beautiful Sparkly Prom Dresses Black

Sequins are the first idea of dress embellishment to choose. The sequins concept is the same with glitter. Yet, the sequins usually have rougher texture to give such 3D effect on your beautiful sparkly prom dresses. Commonly, the sequins come in various color options. The most favorite color tone for the sequins is silver. Well, silver sequins are definitely useful especially to make your beautiful prom gown sparkling under the dance globe. The sequins are installed to cover almost the entire surface of the dress. Usually, people prefer to choose the color of the sequins based on the dress color and style. If you want to appear stunningly at prom, it will be a gorgeous idea to wear a prom dress with magenta, purple, pink, yellow, electric blue and white tone.

Beautiful Sparkly Prom Dresses Ideas

Beautiful Sparkly Prom Dresses Pink

Glitter is a simpler version of sequins. Compare with sequin, the glitter is just like tiny pieces of paper which are cut in round or abstract shape. The glitter comes in numerous tones as well as the sequins. In general, the glitter detail is commonly installed to decorate a small scale of the dress part such as chest, neckline edge, sleeves and waist. In the other words, sequins have larger area to decorate than the glitter. Yet, in conclusion, your beautiful sparkly prom dresses will be still wonderful to support your appearance as a dancing queen in this year prom night party.

Beautiful Sparkly Prom Dresses Short

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