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White and Gold Wedding Dresses Concept in 2013

Everybody has a right to be very beautiful on wedding day. And it can be done in many ways including wearing an exclusive wedding dress like white and gold wedding dresses concept in this 2013. Well, the composition of color on the wedding gown is a kind of usual treatment which is commonly done by many designers. This combination concepts regularly mix two different tones in one dress design idea such as white and black, mossy green and orange or white and gold like what we are going to discuss right now.

White and Gold Wedding Dresses 2013

White and black wedding gown seems perfect to wear as semi Gothic dress idea. Nowadays, more interesting gown concept named white and gold wedding dresses can give the bride similar effect of adorable to consider. However, the white and gold dress offers two stylish color tones such as white and gold. The white can reflect the purity of the bride, while the gold may display the elegance of the bride at the same time. Varieties of the white and gold wedding gown are available in this 2013. Several samples are purposely displayed in this post to inspire us. Let’s see the first gown. This glorious golden dress looks very expensive and exclusive as a bridal gown. There is no white tone application which is showed on the gown actually, but we may see the accent of the white tone through that golden gown easily. This gown basically involves ball gown dress cut with sweetheart neckline style. This glossy satin golden dress becomes very adorable with some details on the entire surface of the gown including skirt, waist and the chest.

White and Gold Wedding Dresses Short

White and Gold Wedding Dresses Ideas

Furthermore, you, as the bride, will look very amazing with semi long golden veil covering your hair. There is a big ornament of headpiece which completes your appearance in this white and gold bridal gown. Those who want simpler collection of the white and gold wedding dresses can be happy here. We show several samples of them in this post wisely. One of those simple dresses comes in shorter length cut with luxurious golden embroidery attached on ivory white cotton dress.

White and Gold Wedding Dresses Styles

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