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Wedding Updos for Long Hair with Veil

According to the wedding tradition in the past, wedding will not complete without throwing the ceremony in a church. In this holy venue, the wedding ceremony will not complete yet without a gorgeous wedding gown, sparkling shoes, veil and a flower bouquet. Well, talking about veil, this piece of cloth is typically worn by a bride during the wedding vows. This veil will cover her face until the groom is let to open it himself. But with the application of the veil on your wedding dress, it doesn’t make you to not apply a beautiful hairstyle for bridal. Of course, you still need wedding updos for long hair or short hair in spite of the veil.

Wedding Updos for Long Hair 2013

However, you will take the veil off after the wedding vows ended. Therefore, certain wedding updos for long hair should be considered to keep you elegant after the veil is taken off. There are some samples of the wedding bun hairstyles which can be your bridal inspiration. The first updo is very glorious with flower detail on the bun. Do you remember Cinderella look like in the Disney’s Princess movie? Well, updo bun a la Cinderella is displayed very clearly on this bridal hairstyle. It requires very long hair to create the huge bun on the upper part of your head. And then some smaller buns are arranged as like wrinkles. Those wrinkles are what we can call it flower look like. It is very interesting, isn’t it? The most unique concept applied on this bridal hairstyle can be seen through the picture. Try to imitate it if you can. And then you can appear as amazing as possible in the big day.

Wedding Updos for Long Hair with Braid

Wedding Updos for Long Hair Back View

If you have straight hair, straight and curly hair combination will make your appearance gorgeous instantly. The straight hair should be applied on the front area to cover the bang. The curled hair will look elegant located on the bun area. If you prefer to wear veil on the wedding updos for long hair, it may be attached under the bun. Thus, this curled unique bun can be seen crystal clearly. Some small flowers are cheerful to decorate the bun. And the flower should be in brighter color than your hair for eye catching hair look.

Wedding Updos for Long Hair with Veil

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