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Vintage Wedding Gowns with Full Lace Accent

Vintage wedding gowns can be a good option for every romantic bride lately. Full lace application on certain parts of the gown seems to become a typical characteristic of this old fashioned gown style. Furthermore, the vintage gown for bridal appears in wide variety to choose and even collect. Well, vintage wedding dress is typically designed simpler than classic wedding gown though many people think that both dresses are the same.

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The classic wedding gown is usually identical with its Victorian and Edwardian ball gown concept. Otherwise, the vintage wedding gowns come in sheath dress cut which is simpler and easy than the classic gown. The vintage wedding dress is available in two versions actually. It is divided depending on the wedding concept. For indoor wedding, the vintage bridal gown is designed elegantly with very long chapel train and veil. For outdoor wedding, the vintage gown for bridal is made shorter with open back cut on the back side. It is interesting, isn’t it? Well, let’s find the best old fashioned gown for you in this post. As you can see on the black and white photo, two bridal gowns look elegant with full lace detail on them. The gown located on the left side is designed in semi mermaid dress cut. It involves chapel train on the back skirt end. Although this dress covers the entire part of the bride’s body, this gown is still glorious with the lace fabric covering the high neck and long sleeves cut.

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The second gown located on the right side is made in sheath or straight off dress cut. As another dress before, this vintage gown also applies long sleeves cut. Of course the sleeves are made of patterned lace with transparent concept along it. Wide V-neckline is selected to show the sexiness of the bride while wearing this kind of vintage wedding gowns. And it looks very cute for you who want to throw a romantic bridal theme. The same lace is attached on the entire surface of the gown including waist, chest and skirt. It means the gown is full of lace.

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