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Vintage Lace Wedding Dress from Your Grandma

To make your wedding procession more sacral than general bridal moment, there is a very romantic action that not many people think about. Well, wearing your big grandmother vintage lace wedding dress can be something impossible for you. Many reasons are told by some women. One of them is the wedding dress is too old so that it will break up when you touch it. Or another reason says that the old fashioned dress for grandma’s wedding disappear due to bad storage. However, those reasons may be really happened in somebody’s life. But how if your grandmother specifically stored her bridal gown with a big expectation that her grand child can wear it in her own wedding? Of course you have to accept this offer excitingly. Don’t you know that getting a real vintage dress for bridal is really difficult in this era? And we sure you can find it at a house of the bride with very high price rate.

Vintage Lace Wedding Dress Designers

In fact, you can get this vintage lace wedding dress for free directly from your grandmother. It is such an honorable present from the elder. Well, it doesn’t matter that the wedding dress will look very old fashioned in this modern era. But at least it has a big value and history about your grandmother’s sacral bridal to memorize. And now, finally, you add more history about your own wedding in the same dress for your daughter and her daughter in the future later. Talking about the design of the old fashioned wedding dress from grandmother, let’s see some samples of dress in the pictures here. A picture shows us a real vintage lace dress for wedding to discuss. This old fashioned dress is full of patterned lace from the top to the bottom area of the gown.

Vintage Lace Wedding Dress Patterns

Vintage Lace Wedding Dress UK

This short sleeves ivory vintage lace wedding dress looks elegant with very long train attached on the bottom. More than 20 small buttons are installed on the back vertically as the dress closure. Overall, this vintage gown is very luxurious with artistic lace motif applied on the entire surface. In addition, unique cut is applied on every edge of the dress such as high cut neckline, puffy short sleeves and the end of skirt. A-line dress cut seems adorable with long white tulle chapel train following it.

Vintage Lace Wedding Dress with Sleeves

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