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Victorian Era Evening Dress for Modern Gown Inspiration

Who loves reading historical romance novels? Well, one of you must love it so much. The historical romance novel usually takes Victorian era as the story setting. It includes the condition of society, social classes, culture, fashion, news, gossip and many more things that are related to London, France, Scotland and America. Today’s topic is about Victorian era evening dress designs which are so much popular in its era. At the end of this article, we will know some new modifications which are purposely applied on Victorian era inspired modern dresses. So, what are you waiting for then?

Victorian Era Evening Dress 2013

In the past, Victorian era dress and corset is inseparable. Especially a woman from high class society, every woman must wear a corset under her main dress whether she is at home or outside. This fashion rule is important among the society in that era to keep the politeness and good manner as an honorable woman. Besides wearing a corset as undergarment before the main dress, there are some other undergarments that should be worn under your dress. They involve stocking, internal skirt, blouse, underwear and a kind of wooden cage to flare the skirt. In general, the main Victorian era dress design is ball gown. It is a dress with a big puffy ball gown cut. Following the fashion trend, this ball gown dress appears with various kinds of sleeve cut such as long, midi, short, trumpet, medieval, balloon and strapless cut. The Victorian era evening dress typically appears gloriously with expensive material such as silk, satin, taffeta and many more. Occasionally, people can see the wealth of someone by looking at what they are wearing.

Victorian Era Evening Dress Ideas

Victorian Era Evening Dress Images

Currently, the Victorian era evening dress is still famous among the society. Yet, mostly, the classic style of this Victorian gown style has changed into Gothic style. And commonly, this vintage dress appears in darker tone based on the basic concept of the Gothic fashion style. In this modern era, the Victorian era dress style comes in newer concept. Nowadays, people know this old fashioned dress style as Queen and Princess Dress style. And of course there must be some alterations applied on the dress.

Victorian Era Evening Dress Sketches

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