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Updos for Really Long Hair with Trendy Girlish Look

Sexy and feminine women must look very gorgeous in certain occasions like a formal party for wedding or job promotion. In this case, they should appear as well in appropriate apparel and hairstyle. In trendy look, every woman can appear so girlishly with updos for really long hair style. Let’s take a look below to get your elegant girlish hairstyle for party. Beehive bun updo is the most favorite high updo style for women. This hairstyle is very popular currently due to its vintage look. Well, in fact, the beehive updo is certainly outstanding within 1980-1990.

Updos for Really Long Hair 2013

Unlike usual bun updo hairstyle, the beehive updos for really long hair are purposely arranged highly on the top of head. This high updo concept is actually useful to keep your very long hair arranged well in tidier look. Thus, your long hair will not distract your beauty. Basically, the high beehive bun is created by gathering the whole hair on the top. It is made of a scroll of hair which is arranged spirally until the bun is created. Sometimes, other sheets of hair are remained behind to lock the first bun elegantly. Commonly, the remained hair is arranged in braid style. And then it is twisted surrounding the high bun updo to give stylish accent through the braid strand. Straight thin bang can be applied to frame your sweet face with this beehive bun updo. It must look perfectly very adorable on your formal appearance.

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Updos for Really Long Hair Ideas

Another trendy girlish hairstyle comes in side swept hair concept. This concept involves usual low bun to applied asymmetrically on the right or left side of the back view of hair. Your hair will look better in wavy style. Your very long wavy hair can be successfully creates such a messy look on the updos for really long hair style. By applying this side swept low bun updo, we can create flower pattern on the bun knot. Thus, the bun becomes more amazing without any additional embellishment to decorate it. Of course, we should use hair spray to freeze it in order to your hair stays tidy and elegant during the party.

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