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Updos for Mothers of the Bride in Younger Look

As a bride, you may want to show people surrounding you that you have gotten your beautiful face from your mother. And what is the most right way to do it? Of course ensuring your mother appearance as beautiful as possible during the wedding is the best way to do this project. Thus, for better result, we should choose appropriate dress model and hairstyle concept for your mother. Updos for mothers of the bride are available in numerous styles. And most of them are intentionally created to make your mother fresher and younger.

Updos for Mother of the Bride 2013

Let’s see some models of the updos for mothers of the bride attached in this article. One of the pictures in this article shows us an elegant mother of the bride updo to imitate. This hairstyle involves stylish hairdo bun which is purposely attached higher on the back. This higher hair arrangement is useful to give such younger accent on your mother appearance. And it works effectively as well. Short bangs are arranged in side swept style to frame the mother of the bride’s face. In addition, little parts of hair on the back are let to hang naturally to give sexier look for your mother. The bun is not tidy enough here. It is definitely made to look messy on the surface. This method is applied to give more volume on your mother’s thin hair without ruining the updo bun concept. Other hairdo bun style for mother of the bride is arranged in lower position than the first hairstyle. To hide the mature accent of this hairstyle model, messy detail is applied over this small bun. Thus, finally, your mother still looks very young and fresh.

Updos for Mother of the Bride Ideas

Updos for Mother of the Bride Designs

Side swept bang is very popular among the updos for mothers of the bride. This kind of bang style is very effective to emphasize their mature character better than other bang style. Unfortunately, for younger and fresher mother of the bride look, short front dropped bang is better than the side swept bang style. This bang is definitely more famous among teenagers. No wonder that this bang style can perfectly make your mature mother younger and fresher instantly.

Updos for Mother of the Bride Models

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