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Short Hair with Heavy Bangs for Chubby Face

Are you a maxi woman? Do you have a round face that usually makes you so chubby? Have you had a right hairstyle to cover it? We suggest you to pick short hair with heavy bangs if you haven’t chosen any hairstyle to cover your round face. This short haircut is intentionally designed with heavy side swept bang to make your chubby face slimmer. Of course your hair will be shorter since it is called as a short haircut. Yet, however, this haircut is always attractive to give younger, fresher and taller effect on your appearance.

Short Hair with Heavy Bangs Designs

Well, let’s see several models of the short hair with heavy bangs in some pictures uploaded in this post. We hope those fourth photos can inspire anybody who read this article. Yeah, let’s immediately look at the first photo then. The first photo shows us a chic short haircut with full blonde hair color. This short haircut looks very elegant for this chubby woman. With bob concept, this blonde colored hair with darker lowlight has unique side fringe to cover your face. In addition, the heavy side swept bang covers a small part of your face effectively. Yeah, this concept is effective especially to hide the chubby face character on you. Pixie haircut is another short hair cut with the heavy bang displayed in this post. Unlike the bob haircut, the pixie haircut is extremely shorter for a feminine woman. Mostly, tomboy women love this short haircut style due to its very short haircut concept. Nevertheless, this haircut basically is designed just for women. Thus, we don’t have to worry about our feminine appearance when we are wearing this haircut.

Short Hair with Heavy Bangs Ideas

Short Hair with Heavy Bangs Images

The length of the heavy bang for the short haircut is up to you actually. Any woman may consider her own heavy bang length to match the face shape and other aspects. It is better to keep the bang suitable with the haircut and face shape. Thus, as the result, the application of heavy bang can be proportional with the face and haircut style. In conclusion, the short hair with heavy bangs may be shorter above your eyes or even longer.

Short Hair with Heavy Bangs Styles

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