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Short Formal Cheetah Dress for Home Coming Party

If you really want something hot in your husband or boyfriend home coming party, short formal cheetah dress will be a great choice. It is a short dress which is purposely made only for semi formal and formal occasion like your home coming party. In this case, compare with other usual short dress, the cheetah dress offers the beauty of exotic big cat skin pattern. Well, yeah, zebra print seems too plain and confusing with its black and white stripes, cheetah is different with its elegant dark and light dots. Short formal dress with cheetah print is definitely wonderful idea for your hot appearance since it is just for your lovely husband.

Short Formal Cheetah Dress 2013

Well, have you ever watched or known about the shape of cheetah print? Actually, we have discussed about this big cat skin print in several previous articles. At least some of you have understood the basic shape of the cheetah print before. The cheetah print shape is almost similar with leopard print. Yet, the cheetah print has more complicated pattern than the leopard one. There are still some yellow or gold circle shapes spread over the skin. And each of those circles has dark smaller circle inside. Sometimes, the yellow or gold circle is not exactly in round shape like usual. It probably becomes longer to form oval or even a kind of stripes. No matter what, the short formal cheetah dress will be so eye catching due to its wild and exotic animal print. Let’s eventually see several samples of the cheetah short dress here. For the simplest model, the short cheetah dress appears in strapless neckline. This dress is very short and tight. Thus, you can impress your gentleman.

Short Formal Cheetah Dress Ideas

Short Formal Cheetah Dress on Sale

More wonderful short formal cheetah dress even comes with floor-length tail. In additional, as the basic shape, the short dress applies peplum dress cut. Yeah, of course it would be so extravagant with both dress cuts combination. Fit waist line makes this Hilo dress even sexier instantly. Now, if you want something modest yet elegant, we also have a white short formal dress with blue cheetah print. It is uncommon, isn’t it?

Short Formal Cheetah Dress with Tail

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