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Short Bob with Bangs Collection for any Hair Type

Who don’t know a bob haircut? Modern women must know this kind of short and medium haircut. It is a chic haircut with high and low tapered layers created from the back to the front. Commonly, the bob haircut involves some kinds of bang to frame your face such as front bang, side swept bang, middle parted bang or swept back bang. The application of bang itself on the bob haircut is different depending on the hair owner’s face shape. Besides the shape of the face, every woman should consider about her hair type. Is the hair curly? Is it wavy? Or it is straight enough for the bob haircut and bang? If you feel so confused about it, numerous collections of short bob with bangs are displayed in this post complete with the description.

Short Bob with Bangs Asian

In general, women with round face prefer to choose middle parted and side swept bang for their short bob with bangs rather than the bob with front bang. And most women with oval or long face shape will prefer to choose the front bang in supporting the short or medium bob haircut. Yet, matching the bob haircut with the face shape only is not enough. Basically, the short bob haircut is always recommended for those who have smooth and straight hair type only. It is because this straight and thin hair type will display the basic shape of the bob haircut itself. Therefore, we can see the high and low tapered layers on this stylish short haircut since it is arranged on the straight hair type.

Short Bob with Bangs Hairstyle

Short Bob with Bangs Hairstyles 2013

Fortunately, lately, many innovative ideas are applied to let gorgeous short bob with bangs hairstyle becoming more effective for other hair type including curly and wavy. For example for the Asian woman displayed in the picture, she looks very pretty with her cute short bob haircut. This bob definitely doesn’t involve too clear high and low tapered layers on it. Yet, the basic shape of the bob haircut is still visible in the wavy hair. In addition, the application of straight front bang to frame the face perfectly improves the appearance of this Asian woman.

Short Bob with Bangs with Layers

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