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Relaxed Curly Wedding Hairstyles for Beach Summer Bridal

Relaxed curly wedding hairstyles are really suggested to support your summer beach wedding gown design. Well, this hairstyle completely lets your natural hair flowing loosely over your shoulders and back. Nevertheless, it will not distract your movement during the wedding procession even reception after the procession done. As usual, this relaxed hairstyle with curly texture is suitable for outdoor bridal concept. It is compatible for any hair type and dress design. Unfortunately, synthetic curly hair is required for you who don’t have natural curly hair. It means you need to spend much money at salon to do this method to change your straight and wavy hair into curly hair look.

Relaxed Curly Wedding Hairstyles 2013

The first relaxed curly wedding hairstyles model showed in a picture looks very adorable. According to the picture, a beautiful woman with shoulder length curly blonde hair looks elegant. She appears with simple shoulder-length curly hair in shaggy cut. This long shaggy cut allows your curly hair stylish with shorter layer on the outer hairstyle part. There is no bang applied to cover a part of your face. In the picture, we know that the woman divides her long hair on the middle into two parts. Thus, the parted hair frames your face fabulously. To give tough texture on this blonde curly hair, darker brown color tone is applied as highlight on the middle parted hair. Well, this brownie tone emphasizes the color tone of the hair root. On the other hand, this darker tone gives such wet accent on the hair perfectly.

Relaxed Curly Wedding Hairstyles Trends

Relaxed Curly Wedding Hairstyles Retro

For women who don’t have long curly hair, short relaxed curly wedding hairstyles will be a smart choice for your formal wedding moment. This short curly hairstyle incorporates vintage idea with its wet tidy curled hairstyle. With under-ear-length, this blonde wet curly hair looks elegant. According to the picture, this short vintage relaxed hairstyle is parted into two sides with front and back concept. It means the half part of hair on the left side is swept to the back, whereas another side hair frames your face elegantly with its big curly texture. Bun and half updo hairstyles for wedding are displayed on two other photos for more inspiration.

Relaxed Curly Wedding Hairstyles Innovation

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