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Peacock Print Prom Dress in Spectacular Ideas

Peacock is a kind of bird which can not fly. It is a big bird with extraordinary feather. Well, the peacock feather print and color is extremely different from other birds. If you see the pattern, you will know some reasons of why people fall in love with it. Generally, the peacock feather consists of several tones combination such as green, blue, purple and black. And this color composition is finally used to design various products inspired by the peacock including peacock print prom dress. If you are interested in wearing a glorious prom dress, we recommend some models of it in this post. We hope that those dresses can inspire you in choosing the best peacock prom dress to fit your shape and desire.

Peacock Print Prom Dress Images

Basically, the concept of peacock feather on the prom dress doesn’t always incorporate real peacock feather. In this case, the peacock feather is used as a basic concept to design the dress itself by adopting the feather print, color and shape as the dress embellishment. The peacock print prom dress is one of creative samples. It is a dress for prom which only involves the color and shape of the peacock feather without attaching any real feather accent on the dress. Let’s see some prom dress with peacock print eventually in some pictures here. Although the color of the dress is completely deeper than the basic peacock feather tone, this long high cut dress still involves little accent of the peacock feather. We can see a motif part of the peacock feather spread over the entire surface of the dress. This feather part is commonly called as “Devil Eye”. In such a way, this peacock feather typical trait becomes very spectacular found on this sexy strapless printed prom dress.

Peacock Print Prom Dress Short

Peacock Print Prom Dress Styles

If you prefer to emphasize the concept of the peacock feather on your peacock print prom dress, applying full shape of feather as dress motif seems perfect to consider. One of the pictures shows this method stylishly on a strapless floor-length prom dress. This plus size prom dress comes in light green with full peacock feather patterns decorating it.

Peacock Print Prom Dresses

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