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Modern Country Dresses in Casual Styles for spring

Generally, country fashion style is associated with such a traditional concept seen on its design. This traditional concept typically involves some typical accents such as rustic, romantic and free style to beautify the country dress. Old fashioned atmosphere is also displayed crystal clearly on some dresses with country fashion style. Now, following the latest trend of fashion, the country style is modified and combined with modern style. And it finally produces a new dress style called modern country dresses. As like usual dress in this contemporary era, the modern country gown appears in numerous cuts including casual and formal. This post is going to show us several samples of modern country style dress in casual code.

Modern Country Dresses Images

The modern country dresses in casual styles basically come in shorter cut. This shorter dress cut is functional to fit the spring and free atmosphere around it. Thus, every woman who is wearing it feels relaxing and enjoy. Some samples of modern dress in country style are very elegant though they are more modest than usual casual outfits. One of those casual country dresses is made simply in ivory white tone. This simple white modern country gown is displayed in the picture. It is a pretty short A-line dress with loose waist line. This cute dress involves spaghetti straps and wide scoop neckline to complete the short length cut. There is no specific embellishment applied on it. There is only a stylish lace trim applied on the neckline and end skirt edge. And there are some small buttons with gap lines attached vertically at the front.

Modern Country Dresses Short

Modern Country Dresses Styles

The next mini modern country dresses appears as classic patterned dresses collection. Two patterned dresses in country touch are displayed by second and third pictures. The second picture shows us a stylish mini tank top country dress with white and blue checkers pattern. This dress instantly will remind us about table cloth which is commonly found covering a dining table at home. In fact, with some cute modifications, this table cloth-like dress is chic and fashionable to wear as country hangout dress for teenager girls. Don’t forget to wear a cream hat and flip flop to complete your rustic appearance in this chic mini dress.

Modern Country Dresses White

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