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Modern Arabic Dresses With and Without Veil

Arabic fashion style is not always identical with veil or hijab. Most people think that Muslims must wear a hijab whatever they wear and whenever they are. In fact, not all Muslim women in Arab always involve hijabs in their fashion style. Even not all people especially women who live in Arab is Muslim. Thus, some modern Arabic dresses in Arab lately become more universal for everybody around the world. Kaftan is one of the most popular Arabic and Turkish dress style. It is a long one piece dress which typically covers almost the entire of your body parts. The typical feature of Kaftan is its bat or butterfly long sleeves cut. Most modern dresses recently adopt that Kaftan sleeve cut style.

Modern Arabic Dresses Black

Well, Arabic and Turkish fashion style is not only Kaftan. There are still so many modern Arabic dresses which are starting to be popular and close to people around the world. In Asia, Gamis is known as Arabian shirt. It is a long straight dress with long sleeve cut covering almost the whole parts of a woman’s body. Generally, women wear this Arabian shirt with hijab. Yet, if you don’t wear hijab, some fashionable Arabian shirts are designed with fabulous cut on its neckline, waist and sleeves. A sample of this Arabian shirt is displayed by the first picture. It is a long dress in black with much metallic silver accent on the embellishment. Wavy edge concept applied on the end of skirt looks very unique. In addition, this dark dress becomes more luxurious with that open cut placed on the long sleeves.

Modern Arabic Dresses Party

Modern Arabic Dresses Tribal

Some other pictures display some universal dresses a la Arab which can be your fashion inspiration. The third picture shows two incredible tribal dresses in tea-length cut. These epic dresses look very eye catching with those tribal patterned details. If you are a hijaber, there is a stylish Western fashion style shown in the last picture. In this case, you may wear loose shirt dress with skinny jeans and leather boots. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the top, bottom, footwear, veil and accessory tone. If you are a creative person, thus, you will get the best appearance from your modern Arabic dresses style.

Modern Arabic Dresses with Veil

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