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Medium Burgundy Brown for Fabulous and Hot Ladies

Red seems very strong and eye catching to cover your head. In this case, the red tone is your perfect hair color. Anyway, there are numerous levels of red which are available to opt. One of them is medium burgundy brown hair color. Unlike ideal red in strong or vibrant color, the burgundy brown hair offers such a unique tone on your hair. Since it is called as burgundy, this dark red and brown hair color purposely applies a typical color of the Burgundy wine. No wonder that the color of the burgundy hair is very elegant in a gorgeous color combination of dark red, dark purple and brown at the same time.

Medium Burgundy Brown 2013

Now, the medium burgundy brown hair color style is pretty popular among women. This kind of elegant hair dye color immediately becomes a favorite hair dye color for feminine and classy women. In addition, this hair color is always suitable for any hair type and cut. Therefore, anybody doesn’t have to worry in selecting and applying the medium burgundy hair color. Some photos of the burgundy hair color application on medium length hair are displayed in this post. Based on the photos, we can see a wide range of hair type and cut which are arranged in such a way in that elegant burgundy hair color. Let’s check them out here. The first photo will show you a very nice natural medium hair with this elegant burgundy hair color. Based on the photo, an elegant girl is wearing glasses with his nice medium hair covering her face. She looks extremely beautiful with that medium wavy burgundy hair color. We can see that the hair involves deep purple tone among the brown and dark red accent.

Medium Burgundy Brown Hair Color

Medium Burgundy Brown Hair

With this proportional color combination, the hair looks very eye catching than usual dark brown or black hair style. Unlike the first photo, the second photo displays a pretty lady with her smooth natural caramel hair. There is little accent of the burgundy hair color in her brown hair. However, we are still able to see just a shadow effect of the medium burgundy brown color in that caramel brown hair.

Medium Burgundy Brown Ion

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