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Hairstyles Braids Long Hair Model Collections

Do you want to look fabulous instantly with braid hairstyle? If you really have boring long hair, try some hairstyles braids long hair model collections showed in several pictures here. You will perfectly look graceful in at least one of them if you desire. Well, let’s start it from the first model of braid hairstyle for your hangout fashion style. This braid hairstyle is just for you who have really long haircut and feel too confused in arranging it well. Basically, we divide your long thick hair into three parts with the same quantity for each part of hair.

Hairstyles Braids Long Hair Cute

Make a tidy braid on each part of hair and lock the end of it with rubber band tightly. Do the same action for other two parts of hair. At the final result, you will have three braid strands which look tidy covering your long hairstyle. To make these braid strands chic, make another braid strand by using those third braid strands. Once the bigger braid strand has been created, put it aside in front of your shoulder. Don’t forget to wear a rubber band with a big embellishment to decorate the end of the strand. Or we can insert a big flower on the top part of the braid strand as ornament. Now, you are ready to hang out with your fellows. Other unique hairstyles braids long hair is perfect for your casual fashion style. The way of how to make it is quite simple to follow. It is because generally it is similar with the way to make ponytail hairstyle.

Hairstyles Braids Long Hair Styles

Hairstyles Braids Long Hair Prom

What you have to do first is making a braid strand which is quite thick on both side parts of your hair. Of course we only take little parts of hair to make both braid strands. And let the rest of hair flows loosely onto your back. Make short braid strands only from the top side of your head onto the end of your head on the back. Finally, lock both braid strands with bobby pins or rubber bands. Once the braid strands have been finished, gather the entire hair parts whether braided or loose hair parts. And then make a ponytail hairstyle. Don’t forget to pull your ponytail hair onto the right or left side. It is useful to get a good point of view for you so that you look cuter in the hairstyles braids long hair.

Hairstyles Braids Long Hair Wedding

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