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Front Updo for Short Fine Hair Ideas with Bun

Most formal hairstyle is usually identical with bun. And bun is able to create by gathering the entire hair on to the back and then lock it. Unfortunately, how is about women who only have short hair? They only can apply short formal hairstyle or use a fake bun to create bun hairstyle. Front updo for short fine hair ideas with bun displayed in this article can be your inspiration in formal fashion style.

Front Updo for Short Fine Hair 2013

There is an easy tutorial which is showed in a picture here. According to the picture, the woman has short wavy haircut to inspire you. She can create a stylish formal hairstyle with bun look like on the back. It means the woman wears a hairstyle as if she has longer hair. Based on the picture, she only swept her bang aside. And then lock it with a hairpin on the side. The same action is done for bang in another side. And finally she spins her front bang and then brings it on the top to lock it with a tiny pin. Without any accessory to decorate it, this short front updo hairstyle for formal look is amazing. Another photo shows us two different photos of a woman. The first photo shows a woman with her medium bob haircut. The second photo shows us the same woman with elegant updo bun hairstyle in her formal fashion style. Don’t you know that she only set her medium hair up to make that elegant bun? In this case, she needs hair spray to keep her front updo for short fine hair bun tidy.

Front Updo for Short Fine Hair Images

Front Updo for Short Fine Hair Ideas

The other front updo for short fine hair gives longer hair look on the back. Basically, the woman in the picture has medium length haircut with wavy texture. This wavy texture is functional to give thicker volume of the hair. The way to make this medium hair more elegant is simple. She only has to bring a little part of her hair from both sides to the back. And then finally she locks the knot with a sparkling tiny pin which is useful as an ornament.

Front Updo for Short Fine Hair Designs

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