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Flower Girl Hair Braids Ideas in French Braid Concept

We are still talking about wedding after all. In every wedding, there will be some people who participate to play a part as bridesmaids, groom men, ring bearer and flower girls. Those people are chosen from relatives and close relationship including friends of both the bride and groom. Well, flower girl is a wedding participant who has a big role as miniature of the bride. At wedding ceremony, the flower girl must spread petals along the altar before the bride and her father walking into it. This little girl is also important to reflect the miniature of the bride. That’s why she appears similarly like the bride. Since the role of the flower girl is essential in every bridal, she must appear fashionably during the bridal moment. Therefore, as adults, we should ensure her appearance in a right dress, makeup and a good flower girl hair braids idea.

Flower Girl Hair Braids 2013

This time, we are going to introduce some flower girl hair braids ideas in French braid concept. Unlike usual braid strand style, the French braid style is arranged more adorably to cover the flower girl head. Well, French braid is very popular through its elegance. This braid style is luxurious with bigger braid strand which is arranged horizontally and asymmetrically over your head. Since the wearer is little girl, the braid must be easier to create. And the application of it seems more ordinary than the same braid style for adults. However, we must still consider the age of the flower girls if we are going to dress her well. According to the images uploaded in this post, the flower girl French braid looks pretty and trendy. It is intentionally arranged into a bun wrapping over the girl’s head.

Flower Girl Hair Braids Ideas

Flower Girl Hair Braids Designs

First, a simple braid strand is created. We can take a few parts of the hair on the right or left side near the ear. And then place it asymmetrically or horizontally onto opposite side. The end of the braid strand can be locked by bobby pins or ribbon. As like a simple bun, this flower girl hair braids idea is embellished with flowers or other hair accessories.

Flower Girl Hair Braids Styles

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