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Cute Pink Dress A la Barbie Doll

Who doesn’t know Barbie? Even every girl knows this kind of woman miniature. Barbie is very popular because of numerous dresses made intentionally for it. Various fashion styles are created to fit the Barbie shape. Moreover, it is not only the dress which is made for this doll, some accessories such as shoes, sandals, hair ornament and jewelry are purposely made to fit its size and shape. Now, even certain real women want to look exactly like Barbie including the makeup style, fashion and hairstyle. If you are one of this beautiful doll’s fans, wearing a cute pink dress can be a nice beginning.

Cute Pink Dress 2013

Talking about Barbie must allow you to remember pink tone as its carton color. Generally, Barbie appears in pink outfits no matter what the model. Today, several dresses of Barbie are designed as real dresses. It means those dresses are available for human being. The cute pink dress a La Barbie seems very elegant and cute for you. It comes in different styles following the latest trend of fashion. For your wedding, we offer a long pink ball gown dress with adorable Rose textured skirt. This pink dress is basically made of satin and tulle. This strapless dress is fully in light and bold pink. Furthermore, corset closure adds more gorgeous effect on this cute Barbie pink dress appearance. For you don’t want to appear exactly like Barbie but still feeling exited with it, we have several short pink dresses a la Barbie showed in this post. Two dresses are generally made tightly to comfort fit your fair shape. Another one appears in straight shape to cover your petite body.

Cute Pink Dress Designs

Cute Pink Dress Images

A sample of the cute pink dress is showed in the last picture we uploaded here for you. It is a cute short dress with lace. The lace is fully in pink with elegant lace pattern as the ornament. Of course the lace is textured with stylish shade when it is under the light. Simple A-line dress cut with double skirt layers applied on this cute dress looks very fabulous. This strapless corset dress is certainly incredible to wear in any semi formal and even formal occasion like wedding. To emphasize the waist curve, we can wear metallic silver rubber thin belt around the waist.

Cute Pink Dress Tumblr

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