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Bobs for Curly Hair in Casual and Formal Look

Bobs are typically identical with straight hair type. Lately, there are some models of bobs for curly hair type to pick. These bob hairstyles are intentionally created to help those who have curly hair and want to apply the bob hairstyle as well. The concept of the bob for curly hair is actually the same as like ideal bob for the straight hair type. The difference is only located on the hair type. With this different hair texture, the curly bob must look more attractive and stylish. Let’s find the differences between bobs for curly and straight hair below.

Bobs for Curly Hair 2013

Generally, the bobs for straight hair offer medium or short haircut concept in more stylish look. Tapered back detail of the bob looks very attractive and funky especially for young women. This time, bobs for curly hair offer more unique detail and texture on your thick hair. Since the curly hair comes in some kinds, the bob hairstyle should be selected according to the kind of the curly hair. Thinner curled hair must be covered by medium bob hairstyle. This medium length can emphasize the curling texture of your hair elegantly. Furthermore, the thin curled hair can be very gorgeous with brighter and darker hair tones combination. Well, do you know sausage curly hair type? This curly hair type is also well-known as thick curly hair type. The curly texture of the hair is smooth with smaller spiral shape as the hair typical characteristic. This kind of hair will be amazing with bobs for curled hairstyle since it is shoulder-length haircut.

Bobs for Curly Hair Pictures

Bobs for Curly Hair Images

Layers should be applied to give expanding effect on this thick curled hair. As like shaggy hairstyle, the layer cuts are applied to give shorter haircut on the outer layer of your hair. The bobs for curly hair can be more funky and interesting with shorter back and longer front. This kind of hairstyle is more recommended for young women or teenagers. Sometimes, to add pretty accent on the women’s appearance, some curly hairs hang on front of your ears. In this younger hairstyle, long side swept bang can be selected to frame your pretty face.

Bobs for Curly Hair Ideas

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