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Black Victorian Dresses for Mourning Moment Costume Ideas

In the previous article, we have discussed about black Gothic gowns. The Gothic gown is typically designed in Victorian and Edwardian style. Therefore, the previous topic of Gothic dress is related with this article’s topic. Well, black Victorian dresses appearance is just like what you have been imagined lately. If you are a person who loves historical movie or book, you will directly know the basic concept of the Victorian and Edwardian dress. In this modern era, we know this classic dress as Cinderella dress. But we have to still apply corset to complete the characteristic of the Victorian costume in the past. According to some historical romance novels that we usually read, people in the past especially in the Victorian era usually wear the black dress for mourning moment.

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A woman even can wear the black Victorian dresses for one to two years long. It depends on the one who has passed away. The closer relationship a woman has with died person, the longer time she would wear the mourning dress to respect died person. The design of the black Victorian gown is actually quite similar with the black Gothic gown. Both dress styles even look very equal to each other. And although the dress is only available in black, it doesn’t stop the dress designer to make this dark gown elegant. Well, since the dress is designed for the mourning moment, the gown itself should not involve too many details on it. At least we should ensure that the black dress is still luxurious without any sparkling embellishment covering the gown as the ornament.

Black Victorian Dresses Ideas

Black Victorian Dresses Mourn

The black Victorian dresses appear in sleeveless, short or long sleeves cut style. We can know that the dress is elegant through some lace and ribbon applied on it. However, both lace and ribbon are two general items that is usually utilized to decorate the Victorian and Edwardian gowns. Thus, don’t be so surprised when you find those items are attached on the gown. The most general style which is found on this classic dress is corset closure. This closet closure is commonly installed on the back side of the gown.

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