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Black Hair with Red Highlights for Emo Style

Have you ever heard about Emo style? Well, Emo style is younger version of Gothic style. Both Gothic and Emo styles are basically equal with mystic and mysterious concept on the fashion style and characteristic. As younger Gothic style, Emo has been modified into fresher concept with rock n roll mix. That’s why this style is very popular among teenagers. Today’s article is about black hair with red highlights for Emo fashion style. Since Emo style and black and red colors are inseparable, so let’s mix both entities.

Black Hair with Red Highlights Emo

Well, having black colored hair as your natural hair seems pleasant to know. It is because you have the most exotic hair ever even more beautiful than blonde hair. No matter what the hair type is, your black colored hair will look perfect and elegant on your timeless fashion style. Unfortunately, if you don’t benefit your hair type to beautify your black hair, this pleasant Godsend will be nothing. We mean that in this modern day, we should maximize our appearance as smart as possible. In this case, the black hair with red highlights will be so clever to maximize your hair texture better than ever. Let’s take an example then. At this rate, having natural black hair with sexy wavy texture is incredible. We can emphasize the hair wavy texture by applying red accent over it. Yeah, basically, highlight is definitely useful to brighten your black hair with several levels of light tone over your dark hair. And the result will be extraordinary since you know the way to apply the red highlight well over your black hair. Can you see the samples?

Black Hair with Red Highlights Hairstyles

Black Hair with Red Highlights on the Bottom

We can see the black hair with red highlights sample in some pictures here. In fact, there are many methods to coat your black hair with the red highlight. The most effective way is by applying the bright red highlight randomly over your black colored hair. Another way offers a unique method to block your hair tip in red tone. It depends on your creativity actually. Since you know your quality, we sure you may choose the best red highlight application method for your style.

Black Hair with Red Highlights Pictures

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