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Black and White Wedding Dresses Design Inspiration

Black and white wedding dresses are certainly well-known as semi Gothic dress style.  This style is usually chosen by many women around the world as the latest innovation in wearing a gown for bridal. White seems still dominating the gown so that it looks bright instead of gloomy. Otherwise, few parts of the gown are covered by black tone to bring the elegance and luxury onto this bright gown for marriage. Don’t be afraid that you will look like a zebra since the concept of black and white is far away from it. In this case, the black and white are combined beautifully and artistically through various innovations of detail.

Black and White Wedding Dresses 2013

According to several photos uploaded in this article, we can see that most black and white wedding dresses are designed gloriously with floral detail. The first gown appears in ivory white. This bright gown involves strapless neckline with sweetheart line and A-line concept of dress. On certain parts of it like neck and thigh, few details are installed with black flowers. This detail is commonly named as pleated detail. It is arranged vertically surrounding the bride’s waist. And little black flowers are embellished to decorate this simple detail elegantly. And the application of the black flowers is not too much or extravagant. It’s because it can directly make this simple strapless gown special only by seeing this kind of ordinary detail. Motif or pattern is another detail style which is commonly selected to decorate the black and white dress for bridal. The shape of pattern may come differently depending on the trend. Floral seems very popular to carry much feminism onto every wedding dress.

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Black and White Wedding Dresses Plus Size

And in fact, it also works on the black and white wedding dresses. The floral pattern is usually made of embroidery, bead strands or just simple printed patterns. Every kind of pattern has different value according to the method of how to make it. The more difficult it is made, the more expensive the gown is sold with that kind of pattern. Embroidered pattern in black looks classy applied on the white dress. This pattern will be very attractive if it is attached on appropriate places such as back, sleeves wrist, waist and top and end of dress skirt.

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